Love, love, love these two. What a beautiful, beautiful day and night … and trip.


what’s heavier? taking in the world from your back, or standing up in it?

Darn Kids

September 3, 2009

collage giovanni and amaya

They get the better of me every time.


July 14, 2009

Billy Pilgrim has come unstuck in time.
                         — Slaughter House – Five

Possibly my favorite line in all of literature. Certainly, for me the most memorable.  Because it’s brief, no doubt. I’ve been thinking on it. At night, lying in bed. Wishing in someway that it was possible. To come unstuck in time. I’d make use of the gift. Would you do the same? If you could travel to that precise point in time that you, or someone you knew became stuck, paralyzed, wounded, left to hobble or spin or crawl along more blind, more meek in a forsaken way, would you meet them there to pull them unstuck?  

One, Not the Same.

June 15, 2009

The person I imagine myself to be accuses me of being only who I am.

I have been a lot of things already,

The worst being a man with no good ideas.

It’s a blank day.

How will I see that as a gift?


February 22, 2009

This is an intriguing project  and, to me, rather disturbing.

That Guy

February 21, 2009

A certain kind of man will always be in love with two women, simultaneously:

The woman who loves him way better than he ought to be loved. 

And the woman who is, to him, one part mystery and one part imagined perfection. 


That certain kind of man would be wise to figure out it’s not two women he loves, but G_d:

G_d who loves him way better then he ought to be loved.

And G_d who is one part mystery, and one part perfection beyond our imagination. 


Then, finally, that certain man might find himself able to get on with loving just one woman, completely.

Saturday Plans

February 17, 2009

Do me, Hmong artists and the community at large a solid by coming out to Visage Night Club this Saturday for their Masquerade Ball. Proceeds from the event go to support the Center for Hmong Art and Talent (CHAT) and their forthcoming documentary project about the emerging expressions and identities of Hmong art. It should be bananas as the kids say if they’re still saying it. There’s even a hefty prize for best dressed couple ($1,000). 


Oh Water

February 14, 2009

When will I resolve to dissolve?